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Connie versus Annie reconsidered

I know I mentioned this in an earlier post but it seems to me that we're not getting the whole story when it comes to why it is that Anne doesn't much care for the way Connie does things. The reasons we're given in the Liography are something of a smokescreen. After all, if Annie can sincerely make an off-the-cuff remark about how her mother did everything wrong, she can't be said to be "content to live by the traditional values in which she was raised" or especially astonished when Connie, who she only knows as someone Elly likes to gossip about, rebels against them. Since she's a grown woman, she probably expects that Elly amplifies and distorts things anyway. She also realizes that Connie's big talk about how she doesn't need a man to complete her is hogwash and sort of resents the insincerity as well as being lectured about how she's been brainswashed into wanting the 'horrible' things the idiot hectoring her clearly lusts after. She married Steve because she loved him and wanted to spend her life with him, not because The Man held a gun to her head; the idea that falling in love and trying to build a family is a conspiracy meant to keep her down was something that really annoyed her. The Liography also notices that what really gets under her skin is how Connie treats Lawrence; where it departs from sanity and common sense is that it has her blather about how awful it is that Connie's a single mom who had a child out of wedlock. This makes Annie look like a judgmental simpleton straight out of parochial school ranting about the sad plight of the pagan babies. What I think happened is that Elly shared a remark of Anne's about how awful it was that she treated Lawrence as an afterthought at best and an annoying complication at worst with Connie; what we see in the Liography is what Annie "really" meant when she said that. The arch and spiteful comment about how glad she was to see Connie's lifestyle implode is also open to a bit of reinterpretation; what Annie really said is that Connie was under the thrall of some silly rescue fantasy and needed rescuing from herself. She was sort of glad when Connie left so she could try to deprogram Elly and make her see that the problems in her life were not the fault of a huge conspiracy consisting of every male life form on the planet; too bad that about the same time she caught Steve in a lie, Connie moved back crowing about how she'd found Mister Right. Having to listen to the shrill idiot who used to bleat about how the patriarchy was keeping women down turn into a smug advocate of the romantic fantasies that imploded into dull reality probably hurt; worse, since Elly avoided her like a leper because Lynn never got over being cheated on, she had to rely on the people down at the hotel as a sounding board.

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