dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Back-down Artist Elly.

As we saw in the hybrid phase of the strip, Elly really never stood behind any punishment she tried to impose; what we always ended up seeing is her frowning about how her children would surely hate her forever and ever and giving in like a fool. The end result was her sitting around with her head in hands wondering why her children thought that they had a blank check to take advantage of her. This spineless refusal to stick to a resolve doesn't just make a mess of how she raised her kids; it also affects her relationship with adults. We all know, as by way of example, that if she had simply told Connie that she would not help her make a fool of herself and stood by that decision, Connie would have avoided the humiliation she's setting herself up for. It looked as if Elly had been firm this time last year but her need to be thought well of betrayed her again. We can possibly look forward to letting John talk her into not going to night school for too much longer before the changeover to straight reprints; since Elly doesn't like taking responsibility for her own stupid mistakes, her lack of resolve will magically become John's fault. What really annoys me is that Phil, who admits freely to having character flaws (such as his need for cigarettes when he feels stressed and his having deep issues with commitment) and is always five seconds away from telling his older sister to shut up, grow up and quit blaming other people for her own idiocy, is about to get his character assassinated so Elly can be martyred again.

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