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Pablo Da Silva Reconsidered in the light of salty mustaches....

As I've said before, the original version of the current arc is a lot easier on the eyes. It started out with poor, lonely, needy Connie confusing the insincere pleasantries that Elly's rake-hell of a brother spouted during a one-night stand with actual affection. What happened after that is that she found a barely plausible excuse to be with him and wheedled his address out of a very reluctant Elly. As she drove up, fantasized about their 'chance' meeting in a manner that showed us that while she wants to be thought of as a delicate flower, she's something of a tough customer. The first sign that things weren't going to go well was that she saw Phil with another girl; too bad for all concerned that she wasn't going to let something like that or her son's broken leg in the way of getting an answer; sadly, the answer to her question was 'No.' It should be noted that she didn't take things that well. The end result was that we had a love-lorn dolt throwing herself at something of a cad. Lynn clearly means for the new-ruin version of this arc to be much the same; the problem, of course, is that her new version of Connie looks less like a fool looking for love in all the wrong places and more like an insane stalker with a brain loaded with perversion. I knew we were in trouble when she started running her mouth about how she and Phil communicated on a higher level because I could totally see her thinking the banal declaration that tomorrow, he would take in a hockey game at McGill was his code for saying that he wanted to have depraved sex with her. (I don't know what she'd turn "Your correspondence is becoming an annoyance; if you do not desist, I'll be forced to apply for a restraining order" into.) Given that her original fantasy of being a fragile blossom floating into Phil's life has mutated into something deranged and mildly obscene, Lynn has, without intending to, turned what she thinks is "Connie gets burned" into "Phil barely escapes with his life and manhood intact". The other change, of course, is when "The Girl" (by which I mean Georgia) makes the scene. Instead of his looking like a two-timer, he looks like a guy trying to reassure his real girlfriend that Connie means nothing to him. Since it took about a year to introduce her to Elly, it looks to me that Connie's appearance led directly to Georgia storming out because she thought Phil had lied; it took roughly a year of Phil trying to make a virtue out of necessity before he managed to convince his real love interest of what he was saying all along. Sure, Georgia still vaguely resents Connie but she knows that Phil had talked himself into a God-damned mess and barely escaped with his sanity intact. This sort of puts a bit of a spin on Pablo's claim that he couldn't survive in her world; instead of it looking like he's a hot-house flower who'd freeze and die in the Frozen Wastes of the Greater Toronto Area, it looks like he took tongue in teeth and ran to get away from the crazy woman who thought that the way he knotted his tie was a sign of his undying devotion.

Tags: connie: the real lynn, da silva, phil: bee and bop king

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