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Phil: Guardian of Reality

As I mentioned before, Phil has a complaint about how Elly views the world that I'd like to explore a bit further. The first time he'd made this complaint was when she was starting in on her rant about how he had life easier because he was a boy; he was filled with baffled disbelief that she couldn't or wouldn't get over all the crap they'd endured as children. The reason for this, it seems, is that she gave far better than she got; I can believe that because the only line in the Liographies that rings true is that Phil was an easier child to raise. Both Jim and Marian's accounting of events seem to point of the fact that Elly was a moody, passive-aggressive, frowny-faced pain in the neck who was always ranting about non-events and things she deliberately misunderstood, lived to hold grudges and quit when the going got tough whereas Phil, despite a tendency towards bohemianism, was a cheerful worker bee, happy to dedicate himself to a goal. The next example of this need of his to get Elly to disabuse herself of the delusion that he 'always' got his way when, in fact, he'd earned his privileges was when she wanted to latch onto the pump organ; she couldn't play the damned thing but thought that she 'deserved' it because her parents 'let' Phil get away with more. Not to put too fine a point on it, he was on the verge of telling her to grow up and stop blaming him and everyone else for her problems; it sort of bothered him that Vancouver's Leading Poser Hippy could at the same time beat him over the head about his duty to live up to the values they were raised to believe in and at the same time claim those same values were unfair the second they either became inconvenient or gave him an advantage she thought she was owed. Perhaps the thing that really turned him off Connie for good was that she encouraged and enabled Elly's rampant hypocrisy, defeatism and victimism.

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