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Michael Patterson: Natural Born Follower.

One thing that you're going to notice over the years is that Mike spends a lot of his time letting other people make decisions for him, as the following examples will attest:

  • The first years showed us that Lawrence can talk Michael into doing pretty much anything; it doesn't matter what it is or how much trouble Mike gets in as a result, he'll do it.
  • Once Gordo came into the picture, he was equally able to persuade Mike into acting against his own best interests; this did not please Lawrence who wanted to be the Delicate One's own personal Svengali.
  • A few years down the line, the idiots at his summer camp were able to sweet-talk the poor dunce into making a fool of himself by falsely promising fellowship.
  • Later still, some yahoo hoodwinked our boy into protesting a hike in bus fares without informing him that said increase would lead to better service.
  • Elly's constant blathering about how he was a born author convinced someone who barely reads and can't write English properly what his career was meant to be.
  • Deanna has so far decided when he got married, where he works, how many children he has and where he lives.

It might seem sort of odd to say but it's actually a good thing that Mike is a natural-born follower instead of getting to decide things on his own. That's because when faced with a decision, the results are uniformly bad. Left to his own devices, we get one of the following annoying results:

  • A hostile refusal to act at all: This came into play when he had to decide where he and his family would live after the fire; faced with a choice, he simply shut down and let other people make up his mind for him.
  • A self-serving act of malice: As a general rule, Michael does something petty, stupid, self-centred and destructive when faced with the choice of whether to behave. The last great example of this was his rushing into a fire to save a material possession when his family's well-being should have weighed more on his mind. It's also why he mistreated Lizzie so much; rather than share, he made it clear to her that she had no right to expect affection that was his by right.
  • Mental failure: All the other times, he simply cannot make a decision without immediately changing his mind.

How fortunate it is then that he is by nature so lazy and complacent that he does let people make up what little mind he has for him. Since he'd rather let other people lead him around by the nose for their own selfish ends than act on his own initiative, the world has been spared the results of a really crappy decision maker.
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