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That Girl and other lost opportunties....

It seems to me that Lynn's promised explanation of who it is that Connie met when she tried dropping off Phil's pipe will consist of solely of one strip that has a Thérèse look-alike speaking what Lynn thinks is French followed by a whole bunch of changing the subject. This is yet another of the many wasted opportunities involved in this arc. First off, we have the matter of where Phil actually lives to consider. Anyone who knows how to use the catalog will be able to find out that in the original version, he lived at 271 Rue de Fèves; the revised version has him at 114 Rue de Fèves. Now, I'm sure that Lynn doesn't actually realize that she made a mistake here and will, if questioned, grin and simper about how she only has thirty seconds to spend on each strip. Consider what would have happened if someone got the address wrong, though; what we would have seen if there were a real explanation is Connie trying to explain why she was dropping off a pipe to the trumpet player who lives down the street. Heck, even if she was at Phil's place, we'd still be dealing with a comedy of errors; we'd find out who proto-Thérèse was, why she was there and, best of all, that Phil had given up the pipe for lost and was using a new one. Lynn could have really rubbed it in by having That Girl tell Connie that it was unusable because it had been chewed on. It also bothers me that she had to drop Connie's cousin from the new-ruins to make her look more pathetic. If this woman were there, at least Connie would have some emotional support and someone to talk to about how she felt and whether she should admit defeat and tend to Lawrence. Now that her cousin has been edited out of history, the only person she has in her corner is the idiot who set her up to fail in the first place: Elly. At least she doesn't have to suffer the burden of wondering why she does foolish things for long with Elly around; once she gets home, she can blame everything on Phil because he didn't think that going roadside led to the altar.

Tags: amazonian catfish tinfoil hat, connie: the real lynn, failure is the only option

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