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Is 911 a joke in the Foobiverse?

The oddest thing about how Lawrence was taken to the hospital was not that they spent more time and energy consoling Elly than Lawrence; while that was plenty weird, it wasn’t as weird as how he was taken to the emergency ward. Instead having a paramedic elevate and immoblize his leg and putting ice on it to relieve the swelling before getting him on a stretcher and rushing him to hospital in an ambulance, Lynn had some guy in the neighborhood load him into his station wagon. What's more, I doubt that any member of the crowd of silhouettes and mutants watching had even thought to call 911. Further adding to the insanity, they seem to have given Elly emergency custody of Lawrence so he could be treated as Connie wasn't available until far later. If this were a dramatic film about small town life produced before 1960 or set before the Second World War, this would be somewhat compelling to watch; as a scene of suburban life in the tail-end of the twentieth century, it looks like an unnecessary absurdity, not to mention unleaded lawsuit fuel if Lawrence’s leg healed funny owing to his being loaded into a car in the not-at-all recommended way he was. In the real world, the attending physician would have greeted this mess with choice (and probably profane) words about the competence, intelligence, sanity and good-will of the anachronisms acting like characters from "Road to Avonlea"; it’s only Lynn’s preference of inserting media imagery into her strip to observing the real world and woeful ignorance of matters medical that has this sort of thing happen time and again. Each time it does, it makes the Pattersons look as stupid as someone who tries curing diarrhea with expired medicine and potentially damaging antibiotics. It was really dumb when they made a child who got water in her lungs and might have been suffering hypothermia stay home until they took a dog to the vet to confirm he was dead and it was even stupider when Anthony drove Liz away from a crime scene to discuss how much he hated being married to a woman who made him cut up his food before he ate it and didn’t understand that he was allowed to thought-bubble about the pallid twit he was whining to at will. Her lack of attention to this little detail makes her strip look less realistic than it ought to.

Tags: amazonian catfish tinfoil hat, lawrence: cosmic plaything, lynn versus the real world

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