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Frankenfoob Fillers

howtheduck seems to have noticed a pattern developing in the Sunday strips Lynn is using to replace the classics she used last year. As we know, the strip for 17 January 2010 contained recycled devices from older strips. As happened before (or will happen again depending on your point of view), an adult, usually John, sees a child building something in the snow, takes over and, after he's done, finds out that the child is inside where it's warm. The strip for 31 January 2010 has elements from a strip from 1991 that has Elly complain about gum left in the clothes, a sequence that has April running around cutting things with scissors and all the times that we've seen Patterson children take orders in a literal and humorous fashion. This means that we should probably check the Sunday strips to see how much classic material she uses; why she does so, of course, is easier to figure out. Her reasoning seems to be that if it worked before, it'll work again. It also allows her to 'fulfill' her promise of expanding the storyline before April when she goes to straight reprints; by showing us things that look familiar, she can tell people that she's establishing patterns of behavior in the Patterson household. (This, of course, assumes that she's thought that far ahead.)

Tags: lynn: failed creator, the reload

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