dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The fanbase versus Connie: My speculation.....

As you know, most of the people who write letters that approve of the Pattersons' wacky adventures do so because they find the similarities between life in Milborough and reality reassuring. It validates their own existences when they see Elly slaving grimly away; what's more, they tell themselves that the more questionable behavior is not as real as the things they like. This is why we get letters that explain that the nastiness we see is only part of the story; even if that were true, the over-emphasis on negativity should be setting off alarm bells inside their heads. I can see something in the immediate future that they might have difficulty processing though: Connie's not coming straight home after hearing about Lawrence's broken leg. Most of them probably would assume that Connie would, in fact, abandon her pursuit of Phil and rush home to comfort her son; the idea that she would not do so so as to live out some screwy fantasy might not occur to them and, given that they're for the most part regular people who haven't had enough exposure to Patter-history to hate the Foobs, probably wouldn't appeal to them. We, after all, live in a world wherein Connie could simply hop the red-eye to Toronto and take charge of things; the idea that she won't because she regards her son's health and happiness as an obstacle to her own needs is going to alienate those who don't try to come up with an alibi. We could hear about strikes at the airport or a blizzard blocking the road or anything to force Connie to stay where she wants to. None of the more loyal fans would want, I think, to believe that she'd stay there if it were sunny and warm.

Tags: coffee talkers, connie: the real lynn, lawrence: cosmic plaything

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