dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Seating the skeletons at the table......

As we're bearing witness to, this current arc shows us Connie at her lowest ebb, her least sympathetic. That's because we see a woman who built up an elaborate and essentially dishonest fantasy relationship based on casual sex and polite but essentially meaningless conversations faced with a dilemma: should she pursue the matter further and ignore the son who pines away from her for so long as it takes to get thoroughly humiliated or cut her losses, admit her folly and rush home while cursing herself for losing sight of what really matters? Since she chose the former option, we start to see that Connie has a tendency to put her needs ahead of those of her children when push comes to shove. She is thus a character with an obvious and well-defined flaw and, as such, joins such other heroes as Elly-the-ungrateful, John-the-entitled, Mike-the-envious, Liz-the-clingy and Anthony-the-filthy-abomination. As we all of us know, these people are not the nice, friendly bunch we thought they were when we only spent a minute or two thinking about the strip; they are, instead, a bunch of low-lives with crippling defects that hamper their ability to live their lives. This might sound a bit odd but I often ask why Lynn doesn't simply embrace their assiness and make it a selling-point. She could say "Look at my family of anti-heroes! They make you feel good 'cause you're not them!" This, of course, would mean that she herself spends more than thirty seconds thinking about her strip. Since she doesn't, she joins Inman and Ryan W from Seattle in thinking that the Pattersons are a swell bunch of guys.

Tags: coffee talkers, connie: the real lynn

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