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John and Elly: their real purpose exposed....

As I've said before, John and Elly seem to exist as exemplars of Lynn's passion-free ideal of marriage; the reason they were able to sit at Lizthony's reception and wish they could live their lives all over again was not to correct mistakes made but to remind themselves that love (or, for that matter, any other strong emotion) just screws everything up. This is why they reminded Liz that the be-all and end-all of human happiness was ending up with a best friend with bed privileges and it's why they're going to spend most of the Early Years making cutting remarks about the foolish way in which Phil, Ted and Connie behave. It's sort of a good thing that the more soap-operatic elements of the strip faded into the background after the disastrous fishing trip that took us into the Middle Years; that way, they were able to focus their instinct to cluck their tongues at people they disapprove of on their children. At least then, they had some cause to be critical because they were responsible for how Mike and Liz behaved. Sadly, the 1990s ushered in the era wherein Mike and Liz started thinking about dating; this led to Elly getting her nose out of joint because she was a homely wallflower and John not liking backtalk which meant that Mike and Liz were sent to Exile Farm. Worse, as the years mounted and the Pattersons grew more smug by the day, they said and thought things that would have scandalized their younger selves; as big a clod as the John who's about to tell Elly that since it's his money, he can buy what he wants with it is, I doubt that he'd say or do half the stuff the John who panicked about where his toy trains would go has.

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