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John and the real Rod.

Now that we've established that Elly, Mike and Liz are who Lynn wishes that she, Aaron and Katie were and that Connie, Weed and Candace are more or less who they really are, it seems that we have to seek out the 'real' Rod Johnston. That's because John is, as she's said, the man that she wished she married; what he is is a bland, dull boring figure whose chief virtue is that he has no impulse to stray or do anything exciting. What he is is a grinning non-entity who does what he's told and loves mindless domesticity. The real Rod shares John's love of trains and is also a dentist but that seems to be about the only thing I can think of that they have in common. Rod impresses me as being far more interesting company and far more dedicated to his patients (that's 'dangerous and terrifying' if you're Lynn) than the passive-aggressive drone gobbling down greaseburgers and talking about gaining an accountant. The interesting thing is that the real Rod isn't a single character; he's actually three people. Warren is Rod-the-lover-of-travel-for-its-own-sake; since Lynn seems to suffer from a mild case of agoraphobia and a severe case of closed-mindedness, a man who wants to see the real world like Rod/Warren is a pathetic nomad who doesn't know the joys of being chained to the house. The Rod who loves the North and feels ill at ease in large cities is, of course, Paul Wright; since he left Lynn/Liz for someone she didn't expect to be a threat, he's more Rod than the other two. The third version of Rod is Ted; he has no sympathy for Lynn's/Elly's warped point of view, likes living his life the way he wants to and doesn't want to cut his parents out of his life to attend to her whims. The reason Rod is three guys is that Lynn has a lot of hate for him.

Tags: john - grinning weirdo, speculation theater

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