dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The wages of slow thinking: unintentional hypcrisy

I remember reading a strip that had John marvel how odd it was that he and Elly were able to instantly diagnose exactly what was wrong with Connie and Ted but had no idea at all what cylinder wasn't firing in their marriage. This is, of course, owing to their being slow to recognize what it is that they as people are doing wrong. As an example, John started to realize that Elly was not content with her lot in life pretty much about the same time that Lizzie started going to preschool but immediately recognized that Ted's old-fashioned ideas would inevitably sour his relationship with Connie. Similarly, Elly noticed that Connie had dropped the ball in dealing with Molly and Gayle at the same time she was failing her way through raising Liz and Michael. The most annoying example of this is, of course, when Michael, of all people, called Liz on her weak bullshit. That's because Mike and Anthony are a lot alike. Both of them tend to stalk the person they're interested in, both of them wheedle and moan their way into getting what they want and both of them act like idiots when a woman dares decide things on their own. Mike's whining that he was a bug and Rhetta was a windshield is his way of saying that he had no hoooooooooome. Since he'll realize that Deanna felt like she was being bullied into marrying him and that Liz wasn't faking being hurt to get attention and be mean to him whenever he pulled the hateful crap he did about the same time that Robin celebrates his tenth birthday, it'll suddenly occur to him that he might have found a better, less arrogant way to voice his concerns about her attending Anthony's first marriage. It could be worse, though; at least he and John are more or less honest about their stupid opinions. Liz, Elly and April like to lie too much and it messes things up for everyone.

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