dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Foobocaust Six: Aluminum to me, aluminium to some.

What bothers me about the fire in the first place is that it was a given in StaLynn's mind that not only did Mel start the thing, the Pattersons Redux weren't adequately warned because he took the battery out of the smoke detector. The reson being, of course, is that he hates children and is thus 'teh suck'! The reason for my annoyance is that not all smoke detectors run on batteries. Sometimes, in the course of a renovation, the contractor installs smoke detectors that run on house current. Let's say that happened, just for laughs. Why would the thing conk out? A while back, a lot of builders were sold on the 'virtues' of aluminum wiring, the chief, if not only, one being that it was cheaper than copper. The problem is that it's something I like to call a fire hazard. It very well could have caught fire within the walls and disable the smoke detector. The Housening would still happen on schedule but Mike would actually have to visit the Kelpfroths and apologize for leaving him to burn to death.
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