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The blackboard jumble.

One thing that I've noticed is that Lynn doesn't seem to have much love in her heart for school teachers; that's because the teachers in the Foobiverse tend to be hand-wringing failures who aren't good at their jobs and have never enjoyed control of their charges. The best example of this is, of course, Liz. What we see is a woman who:

  • lets visual aids and other toys substitute for human interaction.
  • fails to make herself part of the life of her community so she can rush home and grade papers.
  • focuses on one Problem Student to lavish her attention on while ignoring everyone else as she rewards him for disruptive and stupid behavior so she can bask in the warm glow of what she thinks is adoration.

The interesting thing is that she and Mike were themselves problem students; Mike spent most of his youth wondering why Teacher was picking on him and asking him to waste his life confusing himself with impossible questions such as "If 50 percent of ten is five, what is one hundred percent of ten?" and Liz seemed baffled by material her peers found easy. What's more, their poor social skills and insane belief that by debasing themselves in the name of popularity, they would actually be cool instead of giving their tormentors more fodder meant that they spent their lives at the bottom of the food chain. The sad fact is that is that they didn't and don't know it because they don't understand the code words their teachers used for "annoying pain in the ass." The end result is that Mike still cannot do basic arithmetic (which, along with his wasteful spending habits, explains why he's sooooooo pooooor) and must perforce bleat piteously for his wife to help with his children's homework and Liz, despite having a B.Ed. in education, is less adept with the English language than a gifted three-year old. Unfortunately, the educators of the world don't pay enough attention to the strip to realize that they've been tagged as being nothing more than baby-sitters for an endless collection of sullen, dead-eyed children. If they do notice this, they'd probably assume that Lynn was herself a wretched student who wants payback for years of having to sit in school, pay attention to what Teacher said and, worst of all, have to torment herself with questions that don't make any sense to her; questions like "If Alice has twice as many apples as Betty and they both have twelve apples, how many apples does Betty have?" Since she wants us to believe that a loutish clot who can't follow simple instructions is some sort of Delicate Genius, we should prepare ourselves for the use of new-ruin magic to turn the scowling nitwit who mashes spitballs in the dictionary out of sheer idiot malice into what she thinks a genius is.

Tags: foobs at school, liz: whining martyr, mikerobe: the universal infant

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