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Patterwomen against team sports.

In a recent letter posted on Coffee Talk, a fan asked Lynn if she were planning to have a Sunday strip celebrating the 2010 Winter Olympics and received an evasive answer that only served to remind us that Lynn had her fingers crossed when she said that the strip was set in the present. It would have been better if she'd simply admitted that she really doesn't seem to see the point of or, for that matter, have much use for team sports. The real reason for this is that she cannot see the point of being asked to care about two or more random groups of strangers competing to see who's best at performing arbitrary physical tasks when there are ways to spend time that seem to her to be more productive. Annie is her mouthpiece for her real opinion about the matter; Elly's arch remark in a retcon about how Steve's love of golf is a better ground for divorce than adultery tells us that she feels much the same way. Elly's being made to ferry Michael from every rink in the tri-suburb area to play hockey is thus another burden she's being forced to bear; instead of having time to herself, she was forced to spend her precious free time feigning interest in watching her son play what she saw as a futile game while watching the other parents act like idiotic children. Where it all falls down, of course, is that Lynn isn't content to merely not like sports, shrug her shoulders, and not begrudge other their enjoyment. She's one of those people who make ignorant, windy, self-important remarks about how sports is organized barbarism designed to separate children into camps of winners who oppress losers. This seems to stem from a desire to deprive people she doesn't like of something they like out of wanton, petty malice. She also seems to see sports as having an unfair advantage when it comes to budgeting public money; it never seems to occur to her that the tax money raised by the sports stadium that Elly protested could and probably would be funneled towards supporting the programs she likes. All she sees is that the jocks are stomping all over the arts majors and no one cares. Since she doesn't like sports at all and doesn't want anyone else to, asking her to celebrate the Olympics would earn one a gold medal should banging one's head against the wall were to become an event.

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