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The nutcase with the sandwich board.

As I looked at yesterday's blog entry, I noticed that one of Elly's friends summarized the planned upgrade to the local arena as yet another battle the arts community lost in its war against sports in their quest to get public funding. Lynn, of course, was telling us 'her' truth: the armies of brutalization, male domination and anarchy are using their power to shove the forces of uplift and civilization aside because they're evil bullies who yearn to hear the cries and screams of the oppressed. This is bullshit for two reasons: the first is that no such motive exists on the part of the people behind the stadium project. The way they look at it is that if they can get a good enough franchise to play in the stadium, they can generate enough tax dollars to pay for projects that cannot sustain themselves; in short, when the train comes in, everyone, Elly included, will get to ride. Second, of course, is that Elly is the one with the impulse to tyrannize those around her while screaming about oppression. Just as Liz squeals in pain about how Therese is bossing her around when she dares warn a Patterson not to intrude where she does not belong and how Mike broods about how Mira wants to be the boss of him because she wants her beloved daughter not to live in squalor and blames him for something that's actually Dee's fault, Elly runs her ignorant mouth about an issue she goes out of her way not to understand. What's more, she acted on her ignorance and made a big, ugly fool of herself parading down the commercial district harassing passers-by about a non-issue. Eventually, a politician with an axe to grind (or, perhaps, to bury in the skull of a rival) took over her project; when one reads between the lines, one comes to a rather unfortunate conclusion. First, the new theater complex that Radcliffe's enemies had planned was dropped in favor of wasting tax dollars on the upkeep of the heritage building Elly wanted to save. Second, the useful office block that would have taken the place of the old town hall would stay on the drawing board and the tax dollars it would have generated would have filled the coffers of other towns. Third, and this is the clincher, anyone who might have originally planned to have awarded Milborough a franchise would have taken note of the slouching and idiotic malcontent with the sign board, been scared off by the shrill and ignorant protesters that would have flocked to her banner and gone where they felt they were welcome. Eventually, budget cuts would have to be made at the public library owing to the shortfall created by one woman with a dream but no knowledge of how the world works and the ax would have to fall on the woman whose programs cost the most. It's sort of like justice that Elly was the one on the chopping block 'cause it's well deserved. At least when Mike made an ass of himself over an issue he misunderstood, John got to call him on making a fool of himself and explain why he was in the wrong; no one can tell Elly anything.

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