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Spotlight on Jean Baker

As we walk down Memory Lane, it's time to take a look at who I think is the most important of the ancillary characters: John's receptionist, Jean Baker. The reason for this is not only is she the person most responsible for keeping his dental practice functioning smoothly, she's more or less Elly's 'voice' in John's office. Not only does she relay messages from home to the office, she also spends a fair amount of time trying to convince an unwilling John to get off his high horse, quit insisting on his old-fashioned attitudes and treat Elly 'right'. It doesn't matter if it's an opinion about his horrid taste in clothes, his wanting to keep Elly home, defending his purchase of a stereo or remodeling the kitchen, her real in-strip job is to remind John that since Ted is the only person who agrees with him, he's in the wrong. (It should also be noted that she assumed that since John was friends with Ted, he was up to the same sort of no good.) This leads us to an interesting discovery; as you may or may not know, she's a working mother and thus the same sort of person Elly used to think that he was one hundred percent against; what this tells us is that he has no problem with mothers being on the job unless they make his life more difficult. As time went on and the focus shifted away from John and Elly and towards Liz and Michael, she started to fade from view. The last really important story arc she participated in was when John was trying to get Fiona out of everyone's hair. Since he was too embarrassed to to explain who Fiona was or why they needed her to move out, Jean, who never really seemed to think that John took his wedding vows seriously, came to the conclusion that the two of them were having an affair. It's my firm belief that John will go to his grave never knowing why Jean spent most of the nineties looking at him with more contempt than usual. She can best be summarized as a foil for John; she's not really a friend of the Pattersons but, like most people, only associates with them on a business level.

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