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Known Unknowns....

The strips reprinted on 6 and 8 March 2010 are predicated on Connie's desperate attempt to find out what, if anything, Phil thinks of her visit to Montreal. As I've said before, his more aggressive pursuit of her could be explained by his finding out after the fact that she actually came there to see him and, instead of responding to his too-subtle advances, froze up because she thought she was being rejected. This doesn't actually have to be the case, however; when he moved to Milborough, he could have simply came on to her because, like Everest, she was there. It is entirely possible that the Phil who Iris told not to disturb Liz on her big day had no idea why Connie was in Montreal all those years ago. It might seem like an oversight but it isn't; not being aware of facts that would be of interest is simply part of the human condition. The trick, of course, is to ask oneself if this sort of known unknown is harmful in the long run. There are three questions that one can ask to judge this:

  1. "Would the person in question alter his or her perception of the past?" Since it would have explained why Connie behaved in the odd way she did, this would be answered in the affirmative.
  2. "Will it alter how the person acts in the future?" Since Phil is basically an affable goof trying to do right in the world, he'd have had an extra incentive to pursue a relationship but, as I said, he was going to anyway so this is a tough one to answer.
  3. "Would learning the truth end up hurting someone?" About the only harm I can see coming from this is Phil kicking himself for not remembering that Connie and Elly have in their heads that merely being in a man's presence is an incredibly forward act.

This makes it a rare thing; about the only other unknown that wouldn't have a devastating consequence is that the John and Elly who attended the Settlepocalypse have no idea that Jean thought he had an affair shortly after April was born. All their other secrets would lead to hurt feelings, arguments and chaos.

Tags: connie: the real lynn, phil: bee and bop king

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