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The further travels of Lynn Johnston.

As we know, Lynn is currently serializing her impressions of a recent trip she made to Thailand; as with her description of her trip to Oaxaca, she's saying things about herself that she'd rather not have people know. The reason she does do so that she isn't aware that she's revealing said facts. We can break down her more questionable remarks into some rather broad categories:

Imperialist or otherwise out-of-date thinking:

  • She seems to be confused by the presence of Saudi nationals dressing as they would at home; instead of using the proper terms (which she doesn't know), she retreats into the past and talks about mysterious veiled women.
  • This leads us into the main problem; just as she spent her time in Mexico behaving as if she were in a Carmen Miranda movie, she wasted her time in Thailand searching for the Mysterious East that she read about as a child; her disappointment that she couldn't find it in 21st century Thailand was marred by her illusory belief that it was in Beijing.
  • This also tends to explain her failure to learn much of the local languages; unlike her daughter and son-in-law, she prefers to communicate in English spoken slowly and loudly. The obverse of that is her snotty commentary about how the other foreigners that she encounters tend to speak their own languages; she is, after all, of the generation that breezily said "Let'em all learn English."

Insensitivity to local concerns:

Just as she regarded the political protests she encountered as a noisy and irrelevant inconvenience, she has so far made ignorant statements about prostitution, LGBT culture and the tsunami. Someone who was aware of her surroundings and had a clue about how people react to tragedy would have made some sort of statement about wishing that lives could be rebuilt as easily as resorts; since Lynn is superficial and dim, she takes the brave face the locals are putting on their hurt at face value.

An obsession with body functions:

Not only do we see her fixation with toilet facilities, food and alcohol reappear, she also goes out of her way to express her disgust at the too-solid flesh of her fellow resort goers. This reminds us that she has an unhealthy self-image.


The new trend of her not going out on her own has emerged; she seems not to have realized that she's outed herself as the sort of timid idiot that cowers in her hotel room without someone to talk to.

As I said, her travelogues always tell us things that she doesn't know she said and doesn't want us to know. Instead of looking the intrepid explorer she thinks she is, she looks like an insipid twit who's content to live in a prepackaged world; instead of being exposed to a new culture, she spent her time experiencing something she could have had she gone to any other generic deadfall for overstuffed drips.

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