dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Giving Elly's fantasies the needle.....

The strip that ran on 16 March 2010 not only reminded us that Elly's fantasies will always be interrupted by the reality of the children she never really wanted to have, it depicts her doing her real favorite thing: sewing. Lynn seems to have the idea that learning to sew is a womanly way to for her female characters to express their creativity so we see a lot of Elly either sitting at a sewing machine or embroidering fabric. What's more, Deanna eventually abandons the "masculine" occupation of pharamacist (where she's incompetent and frustrated) to open a sewing school so she can be happy and succeed at something gender-appropriate. Since the Elly of the new-ruins seems to be happiest when she's got a threaded needle in one hand and a piece of fabric in the other, we can make an educated guess as to where her real talent lies.

Tags: elly: lynn's fantasy self

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