dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Lynn's leaden tongue

The problem that I have with Lynn's travelogue is not simply that she's a dozy tourist who doesn't want her preconceptions challenged or her mind sullied by thought or experience. I could forgive that were her prose style not so barbarous, pompous, silly, grim and moronic that it made traveling to a distant country sound as thrilling as watching grout mildew. So far, we've seen the following errors in logic and style:

  • Spelling Errors: Lynn seems to have a rather poor grasp of how words are spelled at the best of times and hates to be corrected owing to a belief that she's in the right. This allows us to bear witness to such irritating things as 'canvass tents' and 'hoards of people'.
  • Usage and Punctuation Errors: Just as she's convinced that she's a competent speller, she insists on inserting commas when they are not needed and leaving them out when they are.
  • Errors in Vocabulary: When she is not trying to impress us with needless verbiage, she uses vulgarisms such as "grub", "duds", "spuds" and "the biff" to project an image of counterfeit folksiness.
  • Errors in Story Logic: When she isn't subjecting us to mood whiplash by going from being confused and saddened by a traffic accident to being thrilled at the prospect of dining in an exotic locale, she stops short of drawing logical conclusions. Case in point: She likes the scenery but finds it boring and then wonders why people left the area.
  • Overemphasis of biases: It's not bad enough that her paternalistic world-view and boredom with the really exotic shines through; she has to go the extra mile and remind us of her love of the scatological.
  • Perspective Failure: Simply put, she doesn't seem to realize what her audience might find interesting; I, for one, had hoped to be enthralled by her description of an elephant ride. Rather than realize that someone like me might find that more interesting than her misandry or snacking, she makes what could have been exciting sound boring and ridiculous by focusing on her fascination with bodily wastes and ignoring the wonders that surround her.
  • Taking things out of context: She has the annoying habit of introducing unfamiliar concepts without giving us any background material that would explain what she's talking about.
  • Refusal to seek out information: The reason that we have to search for the names of the places Lynn has visited is that she seems to see finding out what they are beneath her. Sadly, this smug refusal to add to what she knows is such a common thing, I almost forgot to include it here.

When you put all her sins together, you get a rather unpalatable mess of a story that sounds like the maunderings of an old windbag who can't write talking about things that wouldn't interest other people. Her managing to siphon all the allure out of Thailand can thus be called a sort of malign miracle.

Tags: lynn: failed creator

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