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The Unreveal and its implications.

As you might recall, I once made a rather nasty joke about how when Connie met the mysterious woman at Phil’s apartment, her reaction would be to excuse herself in an awkward fashion and then run away crying without doing something that normal people would do in such a situation and asking the mystery woman who she was and how she knew Phil. This is, sadly, because I understand how Lynn’s mind works; you and I could think of a thousand perfectly harmless things that Allo Girl could be but Lynn cannot. Lynn’s one-track mind tells her that if a woman is at a man’s house, she can’t be anything else than his girlfriend; we saw that when we were all baffled by the insane conclusion that Liz jumped to when she saw Susan at Paul’s house three years ago. This tells me that Lynn thinks that she has explained who Allo Girl is and that we need no further information; since we were set up to think that Phil would break Connie’s heart because he’s a cheating cheater who cheats, that’s what she’s “given” us. Second, since we’re not going to hear things from Phil’s perspective, it’s clear that Elly lied when she told Connie about he thought because she never discussed the matter with him in the first place. The problem, of course, is that it violates the future continuity of the strip. That's because when Georgia actually does first appear, the Pattersons go out of their way to explain to us that commitment-phobic Phil has finally started a serious relationship; what's more, the very idea of his cohabiting shocks Elly because not only is it an example of the double standard, it's something she never thought that he would ever do. If Lynn were paying attention to her continuity, Elly would tell Annie that Connie met Phil's landlady, Mrs Untel; since we have to deal with her biases and inattention, we're in for a mess that gratuitously maligns Phil and wrecks the flow of the story.

Tags: connie: the real lynn, lynn: failed creator

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