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The Reveal to the Wrong Party and what it means.

The strip that ran on 20 March 2010 was meaningful on at least three levels. The first, of course, was that we did find out who it is that Allo Girl was; apparently, we can now call her Cello Girl. Elly told Annie that she and Phil were 'just friends' for a reason I alluded to yesterday; as I said, the Phil of the real 1980s had a fairly short attention span when it came to women and Elly knew it. This means that even if Phil and Cello Girl did share more than a love of music, he'd have gotten bored with her sooner or later so Connie might stand a chance if she'd waited. Second, we reminded ourselves that although Elly is a horrible gossip, she doesn't see herself that way; she calls her tendency to rat out her friends "taking an interest in their lives." Third and most important, we found out what Elly really meant when she said that Connie had her head in the clouds. Since we've learned that Phil didn't really lead Connie on after all and will always have some feelings for her and that he has more right to think that he got the "nice" brushoff after they left the Jazzy Club, it must follow from her refusal to find out what was going on and inability to pick up on the obvious signals he sent that Lynn was trying to warn us that Connie is an imbecile who needs Elly to run her life for her and clean up her messes.

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