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Elly Patterson: Fashion-least-a

Now that we're probably getting close to the transition to straight reprints, I'd like to start talking about the piddly little details that really bother me about these people. The first irritant is, of course, the fact that Elly looks like the dowdiest frump who ever lived; the slumping, frowning, sagging pudding of a woman always seems to look at least a decade older than she is. The simplistic and silly reason for this is that she's too busy, too burdened with housework, cooking and children to take the time to live up to the unrealistic standards that evil men set for her. Rather than be intimidated by Anne into changing how she lives and having the time to care for herself or indulge herself in a desperate and ultimately futile quest for youth like Connie, Elly travels the Foob path and and lets herself age gracelessly. She, of course, doesn't see that her self-righteously simpering about how it's a good thing that she chooses clothing designed to make her look old and ugly also makes her look stupid; it's of a piece with her reluctance to change her hairstyle for fear of looking ridiculous. In both instances, her lack of awareness makes her life more difficult; just as she can't see that the "practical" Elly-bun makes her look older than she is, she can't see that her habit of frowning, slumping her shoulders and generally making it look as if the easy life she's lived has wrung every last drop out of her is the cause of the mystifying and irritating habit strangers have of assuming that she's Mike, Liz and April's grandmother.

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