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Failure to engage.....

As we know, the real reason that Mike acted out so often as a child was that he had far too much energy and two imbecile parents who wanted to deny him an outlet. As jjamele said, their philosophy is "This is how life is; for some inexplicable reason, children want us to waste time doing things they want. We have to remind them that since they owe us for keeping them alive, it's their duty to sit quietly and not disturb us; for some reason we cannot determine, this makes us feel bad but them's the rules." I've already talked about how they won't apologize to their children because of their ridiculous need to save face and how their envy drives them to shortchange Mike, Liz and April. Hell, I've even talked about how the kids have internalized their parents' hateful values. What I'd like to do now is to take a look at John and Elly's thought processes; as we've seen, they refuse point-blank to make the connection between their children's boredom and their own refusal to offer any sort of constructive alternative to behavior they don't like. Since they won't see how Mike and Liz's frustration has anything to do with them, they futilely yell "Don't just stand there! Do something" when their children simply want a moment of their time; as I've said before when I discussed this topic, it works as well for them as it did for Dick Dastardly when he was upbraiding Muttley. What really bothers me about this arrangement is that Lynn's fans passively go along when she declares that the Pattersons are a loving family when, in fact, the children have to pay for the odd feeling of privation that haunts their parents. Since both sets of grandparents seem to be normal, everyday people who did their best to raise solid citizens and provided them every material advantage they could afford, this feeling John and Elly have that their children must pay because their childhoods were a bleak pageant of want is, to say the least, silly. To say the most, it's an abomination. One is left with the horrifying vision of superannuated toddlers whining about how unfair it is that their children can get to do stuff they didn't and conspiring to stop that happening.

Tags: child rearing disasters, one big oblivious family

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