dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Baby, you can't drive my car.

The current arc reminded howtheduck of a lot of other strips that had the Pattersons dealing with car washes. What those strips reminded me of is that they only let other people drive their cars with the greatest reluctance. I remember that John really got anxious whenever Elly or Mike wedged their seats behind the steering wheel of his Bushwhacker; his fear that Elly would inevitably get in an accident or that Mike would be reckless with his baby because that's what women drivers and teenagers do stems from his concern is that the other person will not take care of it as well as they do. The problem is that in both cases, John is inevitably proven right. Elly got herself into a minor accident because she was too used to her hoverwagon to able to navigate around a blindspot as deftly as she could in a more reliable vehicle and Mike got his ass lost because he wanted to show off his daddy's cool ride. In both instances, John was an insensitive jerk about it; in the first case, he stood there whining like a child because someone cut Elly off and his precious toy got mangled and in the second, he forgot what it was like to be young. It seems to your humble servant that he loves an inanimate object far more than he loves his family. Elly's stupidity in this regard stems not from the desire to make a machine into a love object but her need to be martyred; whether it's Gord getting careless or Mike getting it splashed by every aggressive dimwit on the roads, if it doesn't come back kitchen-clean, she can stand there blathering about being taken for a ride.

Tags: one big oblivious family

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