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Divided, we parent.......

I know that I've discussed this before but one of the primary problems with the way that the Pattersons raise their children is that they rarely agree on how much discipline they should impose on their children. When John wants to make a punishment stick, Elly can usually be counted on to wring her hands about how sorry the child in question is; similarly, we almost always see John telling Elly to give their kids a break. What I find interesting is that when this happens is to whom it happens. Normally, we see John wanting to adjust Mike's attitude for him; we're about to see this in six months time when he over-reacts to the question "Did I ask to be born?" and we'll see it in ten years or so when John goes apewire because Mike didn't bring the sports car home before curfew; in both cases, Elly wrung her hands and told John he'd gone too far. This, of course, is because Elly really doesn't like the idea of disciplining Mike as such; she's somewhat inclined to cut her son some slack. You'd tend to think quite the reverse given what her own past was like but, well, she doesn't seem to see the contradictions. This is why we see quite the reverse when Liz or the pre-teen April was being punished; in most of those instances, John was the one wondering if Elly had gone too far only to be told that he'd let his daughters wrap him around their fingers. About the only time that they do present the united front they wish they were is when they send the children to Exile Farm; that's because they fear that going roadside will lead their children to the heretical notion that they don't have to let their parents own their horses after all.

Tags: child rearing disasters

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