dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The rise of the Elly-blob.

It seems to me that the transition to straight reprints cannot come soon enough; that's because a rather sinister phenomenon is reasserting itself. Simply put, Lynn's strange belief that people don't age at all well comes into play; this means that the young, cute Elly that we see in the reprints has to share the page with the haggard, old-before-her-time mess I call the Elly-blob. As I said long ago, Lynn seems to inhabit a different world than the one you and I live in. In her world there are no active seniors who look forward to the time they have left (instead of back on the time they've lost) and sixty means one is either infirm, senile or dead. This, of course, means that after the oh-so-brief period wherein people are young and beautiful, they look the way Lynn thinks they're supposed to; this is why Gordon and Tracey Mayes, who are about twelve or so years younger than I am, look not like my contemporaries but like my elders. You can't tell Lynn that, though; in her mind, they look the way thirty is supposed to. This odd belief is the reason that Connie is the closest we get to a "Hot Mom" and why her ultimately futile need to stave off the ravages of time is comic fodder. Elly might hate what she sees in the mirror but she's smug about having earned every frown and worry line and can't see why people would rather not look like a cross between Jabba the Hutt and Agnes Skinner.

Tags: lynn: failed creator

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