dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The lady's not for learning......

Since we're not entirely done with Elly's attempts to pretend she's working towards a degree after all, let's remind ourselves why she isn't all that good a student. As we're going to see when she picks it up next fall, she's not only as prone to losing focus as she is in regular life, she seems angered and frustrated not only because she has to deal with questions that don't have the answers "Yes" or "No" but by the heavy workload that her unfair teachers burden her with. If she could take a pill that mean that she'd be good at things without having to put in any effort, she'd be happy as a clam; that way, she wouldn't have to strain her eyes looking at small print or listen to awful people who tell her that she could do better in school if she were to wear eyeglasses and look stupid and ugly. Okay, I'm reaching with that last one but it does make a certain amount of sense to presume that Elly's problems might stem from the fact that she can't see very well; she does squint a whole lot when she sews and does her writing so she might have spent most of her life trying to duck going to the optometrist. Not, of course, that it stopped her from sending Liz there or that she cared how anxious Liz was about that; since she didn't have to go, she was fine with it.

Tags: educating elly

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