dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Mother's little helpers (and the hindrances she places in their way)

As we've seen, it's not just John who gets a face full of passive-aggressive bullshit that eventually destroys any impulse he might have to lighten the load Elly imposes on herself; her children also have to deal with their mother's insane need to nail herself to her cross and refuse help that doesn't meet her warped standards. What I find interesting is that the same problem that keeps her from training Farley is what keeps her from getting her kids to willingly do housework; that's because she can't step into the minds of the people around her and exploit their innate tendencies to work in her favor. This is, of course, we see her and Mike argue at cross purposes when it's time to pick up the toys; since she can't see the need for him to play with them, she assumes that he can't either and is continuing to play in order to be difficult; what she should be doing is making a fun game of cleaning up instead of racing around like a maniac trying to do fifty things at once and failing at all of them. Sadly, it seems that jjamele has it right when he assumes that Elly spends most of her free time goofing off watching TV and talking smack about the neighbors; the reason that she runs around like a loon is that she, having failed to schedule her time, is witlessly playing catch-up and making a mess of things. It would be one thing if she were childless but since one of the tasks she neglects is raising her kids, she's not all that sympathetic. We see this sort of thing when she gets all huffy about their not wanting to eat pile-high helpings of foods they hate; since she thinks that she has to pile on the grub at rigidly-set times (all the while ignoring the inconvenient truth that children aren't built to go without food for hours on end) so she can make sure they're fed "properly" and that if she's sincere enough, they can be lectured into loving things they can't stand, she ends up eating a lot of leftovers. We also see this at bath time; she can't see that her immersing her children in water that's blazingly hot, scrubbing them down like she's trying to take rust off a sheet of metal, raking a comb through their scalps like she's plowing frozen soil and getting harsh shampoos in their eyes isn't going to get them to anticipate getting clean. Every day and in every way, her children have to pay and pay for her idiocy and failure.
Tags: child rearing disasters, elly: lynn's fantasy self

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