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Farewell to all that……

Now that it seems that Lynn is finally heading to the era of straight reprints, it would seem that we have learned all we can from the Pattersons. The problem, of course, is identifying what, if anything, that is. If I had to sum up what it is that the Foobs do teach us is that they hold one truth to be self-evident: the search for personal security and for comfort at all costs is the highest good. Truth, whether personal or historical, common decency, the rights of others to enjoy the fruits of their labors without let or hindrance and the needs of society as a whole are all as nothing compared to the need the Pattersons have of getting what they want when they want it. What's more, they're lauded for it while those that get trod under their feet are at best vilified and are at worst forced to grovel to their moral and intellectual inferiors, the Pattersons. It tells us that Lynn must have suffered from emotional abuse (at the very least) as a child to create characters so damaged. The next thing that faces us is how this new order makes sense in terms of the characters; if the Hybrid had caught on, we would be able to assume that Mike and the Pattersons were living their lives in the background while spending their time in the foreground telling Meredith and Robin their family history. If it had gone to straight reprints after the Settlepocalypse, we could assume that we were in the position of someone, who having spent three decades of their lives living near the Pattersons, left town after the teal and lavender atrocity; we could have then put ourselves in the place of that person as she wondered what would happen to Elly and the gang in the years to come while reminding herself of what had gone before. Now that we’re at the end of the new-ruin era, forworse's assumption that Elly has died and we’re now watching her life flashing before her eyes makes the most sense. In that case, it’s time to place a sheet over the remains and walk away slowly. After all, there are other follies on the comics page to examine and other fools committing them; I hope you’ll stay with me as I do so.

Tags: the ending of all things foob.

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