dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Living on Evans time.

It seems that if we want to understand what is going on in the Evansverse, we have to deal with the way time passes for Luann and her fellows. Instead of the characters’ ages being fixed in place like in Marmaduke, Beetle Bailey or Garfield or aging in real time like as in For Better or For Worse or Doonesbury, Luann and her family age at a slower pace than real time. Given that she started out as a short, pudgy minor niner twenty-five years ago and is now a reasonably attractive junior, I should think that she and the others age exactly one month strip time per year real time. One must also contend with the fact that the artwork and general tone of the strip have shifted; we started the proceedings watching a goofy cartoon kid in the midst of blundering her way through high school. We still see that, of course, but we’ve also gotten a look at more topical storylines; the problem with that is that it tends to make the old standby of Luann zoning out in the classroom less funny. Beforehand, it was something of a “Boy, have I ever been there” sort of thing; nowadays, it looks as if she has an undiagnosed learning disorder her parents, friends and teachers are too dim to pick up on.

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