dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Bernice. the love freak.....

It seems only appropriate to continue my look at the characters of Luann by discuss her frienemy Bernice; the purpose she seems to serve in strip is to make unsubtle comments about how lazy, stupid and selfish Luann is. Since Luann is sort of used to being underestimated, that isn't the same sort of problem it would be for more insecure people. What does seem to bother her is how needy her friend can be. It seems to me that we're looking at a larval version of Connie Poirier here; she's so blasted clingy and self-loathing, she angrily accused her former boyfriend of infidelity because he didn't want to get engaged and broke things off on the spot. That would be bad enough if they were adults; since this happened after midterms in their sophomore year, it's a damned sight worse. This tells me that Luann endures this person not only because they've been friends since pre-school or because her out-of-touch parents think Bernice is a good influence; I think that she doesn't want to set off the human bomb with the granny glasses.
Tags: frizzy mcloonie, i can't believe it's not tiffany.

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