dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

April at 29: You never write, you never call...

Sadly enough, the death of her parents would be one of the only things that would bring April back to Milborough for any extended period. I'm guessing at this stage in her life, she'd have much better things to do than hang with these losers anyway. I'd say the breaking point between her and these goofs would be Grandpa Jim's death. I say this with some confidence because, unlike the rest of the shitheads she lives with, she recognizes what's really wrong with the man. Her insistence on sticking to the facts amongst a crowd of boobs moaning about the death of an alleged simpleton would be the final provocative act that might alienate her from the others, especially when you consider Lady Muck seems to have mapped out her future for her. Sure, Deanna SEEMS like she might be on April's side but when you consider that she wants to turn her into a servant, you start to realize she's not. Oddly enough, Michael might try to use his influence to allow the girl a way out of the hell Deanna blithely wants to consign her to. The instant he hears something like "Why do you want to leave home to go to college when I need someone to look after my children", he'll realize a long-held but unexpressed suspicion was correct: her 'accident' was anything but. Just like his dad, she used the presence of a child to force someone to give up a dream for their purposes. Once released from the awful situation her uncaring family has placed her in, April will only be a presence in the gravest of situations.
Tags: anyone wanna buy a used future?

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