dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Delta: Death and the maiden…..

As we know, Luann leads a fairly active life; she volunteers at the library, she maintains a B average at school and tries her best to lead an active social life. It should also be noted that Bernice is no slouch either when it comes to being part of her community. You would think then that Delta, the third member of the trio, would cut them some slack. You, however, would be wrong. No sooner do the first two have some free time when their friend barges in with a plan to fill it, all the while questioning their good will. Although they complain, they do it anyway; that’s because they remember something: Delta is a cancer survivor. Since they both remember that Masky McDeath showed up and asked their pal if she was the one who phoned for a cab, they simply accept being hectored by someone who wants to make something of her second chance as a cost of doing business.


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