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A, my name is Achilles Heel: Aaron Hill.....

One of the more reassuring things about reading Luann is the knowledge that the main character is to one degree or other fixated on Aaron Hill; we all have someone in our memories that we couldn't get out of our heads so it's nice to see that part of her still feels disappointed that he never felt about her the way she does him. Well, not nice because it makes her do questionable things but, well, it does lend a certain verisimilitude to the proceedings. What a lot of people lose sight of was why that is; in the strip itself, we had to deal with a rather normal love triangle which had her crushing on him while he was interested in a third party. The interesting thing is that Evans had originally planned to make that third party another guy; however, he retreated when he got wind of the crap Lynn Johnston had to endure when she outed Straight Gay Lawrence and made the third leg of the triangle a girl. It's sort of too bad he did; I would have liked to see Luann wrap her head around that almost as much as I'd like to see the Anthony-analogue Gunther exploit it.
Tags: i can't believe it's not tiffany.

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