dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Naming failure in the Evansverse.

The real problem I have with the strip Luann is that her storyline isn't as central as it once was; ever since Brad joined the fire department, lost his pudge and gained about sixty IQ points, it's as if he's closer to being the lead character than she is. An example of this trend is that his supporting characters bring more to the party than hers do. We know that all Tiffany has to cling to are her illusions, we know that Bernice is lashing out because she feels unlovable, we know that Delta thinks that she's got to make the most of life because she knows how fleeting it is, we know that Gunther is a penis behind glass and we know that Luann's potential is more or less going to waste because her parents are too lazy, stupid and useless to engage her. Brad is the cast member with the most unknowns in his life to deal with so he's more compelling. Asking the questions "Will Toni get over her problems with commitment?", "How is the annoying little child that appears from time to time really related to her?", "What is the deal with TJ anyway?" and "Is Dirk really gone or what?" keep me coming back; the questions "How long will it take before the latest ersatz Aaron Hill leaves the strip and how big of an idiot will Luann make herself look making it up to her eunuchy future husband this time?", "Is Perky Goth Crystal slumming by hanging out with Tiff", "Will Knute ever open his damned eyes?" and "Is the midget who thinks he's Elvis rich or what?" do not.
Tags: i can't believe it's not tiffany.

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