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Anvil and the chipmunks: morality in the Evansverse......

Evans doesn't just have broad characterization and a sort of bait and switch game in common with Johnston; he also seems to share her love of subtle-as-a-mallet moral lessons in which his characters interact with flat, one-note stereotypical characters who disappear when the Aesop has been rubbed in. As an example, let us call to mind Bernice's addict ex-boyfriend; he was less a person with a problem than he was a personification of a problem. The end result is that we had realistic people interacting with the Scary Drug Dealer™ from the PSA who morphed into a humanoid rattlesnake before our very eyes, lept out at us and hissed how he wasn't our friend and terrified the Nostalgia Critic. Neither person had anything like a redeeming characteristic in their bodies. Similarly, Dirk the Jerk is less a man and more roid rage shoved into Levis. The problem with inflicting personifications of social problems on people who are meant to be real is that it subtracts from their realism. Granted, it's better to have a Very Special Story Line that points to the truth than it is to have the sort of warped morals Lynn promulgates (such as "Since other people litter, it's no good setting a good example"), it would be better still to have such issues flow organically from the characters that are already there like he did when Delta was diagnosed with lymphoma. She was and is more than her disease so watching the others deal with standees that represent issues is annoying.
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