dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Helmet Hair No More: Les in the Modern Era....

Before I start to discuss what's happening in Les's life nowadays, I'd like to remind you all of a bizarre phenomenon that seems to have taken hold in the Batiukverse; for some odd reason, Les and the other members of the Core Four look much older than they're supposed to. Much as a newcomer to FBorFW would assume that Gord and Tracey Mayes were John's friends instead of Mike's, someone who'd never encountered Funky Winkerbean would assume that Les is sixty-six instead of forty-six. About the only thing that distinguishes Les from the other victims of premature aging is that he finally looks good; the helmet-like hair that made his skull look rectangular has thinned and gone a pleasant salt-and-pepper tone and his mustache and beard are drawing attention away from his eyes. That being said, he's a good looking mess. Without Lisa to keep him stable, his need to protect Summer and his unawareness of the appropriate tend to make him fret about solo car dates and watch over her at practice like he's gone totally creepy uncle. Also, it took him years to move on after Lisa died; not only did his natural shyness inhibit him, he had to wait for the approval of Lisa's ghost before asking Cayla out. Another interesting side-effect of his otherworldliness is his inability to realize that his old friend Funky has become a self-destructive nitwit whose greed and stupidity bid fair to wreck a lot of lives.
Tags: batiuk's core four, cancer cancerbean, helmet hair

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