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Les's better halves: Lisa and her successors.

To complete our look at Les, we have to remind ourselves that he'd have been strictly nowhere as a man without Lisa's presence in his life. As Batiuk's flashbacks remind us, she started out as a more or less distaff counterpart to him; she too was sort of shy, sort of geeky and the rest. If her parents hadn't transferred her to Westview's evil counterpart Big Mountain, their lives would have a damned sight easier. As it was, she wound up getting date raped by some creep named Big Frankie; originally, it was consensual but, well, Batiuk had to amp up the misery. In any event, Mister Crawford never forgave Lisa for that; it was always an obstacle that kept him from acknowledging her and her accomplishments; Mrs Crawford stood in the background, passively wringing her hands instead of her husband's fool neck so, well, we had to deal with the spectacle of a fairly competent figure estranged from incompetent parents. Despite Les's attempt to be a stand-up guy, give up on University and start a family with her, Lisa gave her son up for adoption. The sad thing is that she'd thought that she'd have time to get to know him when she was older. In the mean time, she'd become a fairly competent lawyer who defended the characters from their enemies; her signature case was keeping John Howard's comic book shop from being closed down by an army of idiots with a bug up their asses about obscenity. Her personal life, of course, was complicated by her being the easily-antagonized female in the standard Belligerent Sexual Tension pairing; Les would say or do something stupid without intending harm, she'd get all huffy, lather, rinse and repeat. One must also note that Les had acquired an annoyance that got in the way: Suicide Girl. In any event, they eventually got together and finally got married to the relief of their exasperated peers. Since the God of the Batiukverse is a bit of a bastard, they did not have a happy ending. What they did get is her pretty much willing herself to die because saving her life would have been too much like work. It was it this point that Darin found out he was her son; at the time, we were all wondering if the two of them would get together and connect before she died. We also had to contend with the fact that her idiot father finally showed up seeking closure; since her dying was the only thing that stirred the dunce to get off his high horse and admit that he was proud of her, we can safely call that admission as worthless as he is. Lisa now manifests herself as sort of a dead hand that guides Les's behavior; not only do we have the creepy-ass videos she made for Summer, we have his needing approval from her ghost before seeking a relationship with Cayla Williams. Sadly, there is still a presence from his past that threatens his happiness; Suicide Girl thinks that now that Lisa is out of the way, the same Destiny that made her try to kill herself when he rebuffed her has ensured that she will finally be the Mrs Les Moore that she wanted to be when she was a high school sophomore crushing on an oblivious dope with a helmet-like hairdo. His opinion in the matter being as it is optional ensures cheap theatrics and annoying smirking.
Tags: batiuk's core four, cancer cancerbean, distaffery, helmet hair

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