dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Sympathy for the dumbass......

As I look back on Lisa's death by cancerdoomdeathdespaircancer, I find myself recalling something odd; Lisa, despite being a lawyer and having encountered people her age who'd made living wills because their disease progressed more or less similarly to her own, never thought that she would have to do likewise. My response to that little lapse in logic was to wonder if she needed to take her shoes off to count past ten. I mean, seriously; what kind of idiot doesn't prepare for that? I'll tell you what kind; the kind of idiot that populates the Batiukverse, the kind that's too freaking stupid to deserve to live. A more recent example was Suicide Girl's ringing defense of the doom-laden, depressing, audience-alienating and impossible-to-stage play Wit instead of the more cheerful play the people whose taxes pay her salary wanted. It would never occur to the doorknob that these people already know that life doesn't usually end happily and simply want a little fun in dreary, miserable lives because she's as dumb as dirt. The crowning example of us being made to pity a total moron is our being asked to pity failed businessman Funky Winkerbean; the man moved heaven and earth to destroy a potentially world-beating franchise with one ludicrous innovation after another and cut off his nose to spite his face to prop up the White Elephant of Central Park. We should be disgusted with the cretin but we are asked to feel sorry for a man who deserves all the derision we can muster. This is Batiuk's gift to us: being asked to comfort the dullards and whiners of the world.
Tags: cancer cancerbean, everyone's favorite addict

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