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The bland leading the boorish: Les's students....

The interesting thing is that a lot of the supporting characters started out as people Les taught in Phase 2. As by way of example, we have Susan "Suicide Girl" Smith to contend with. As memory serves, the young woman had a desperate crush on Les and tried to kill herself when it became obvious that he didn't reciprocate; her next stupid attempt to look for love in a wrong place was to hang out with an abusive jock who Les and Lisa got her to stand up to. Too bad that they weren't around when she married another dumbass; otherwise, she'd have avoided a crappy marriage and painful divorce. Another mainstay of the strip is Becky Blackburn-Winkerbean-Howard; her dreams of going to Julliard were cut short in a story line more or less commissioned by MADD. While she's reasonably happy as the replacement for sociopathic lunatic bandmaster Harry Dinkle, she still sort of regrets the loss of her arm. She also doesn't know how to react to the man whose stupidity did that to her: Wally Winkerbean; like his cousin, our boy has a drinking problem that he only acknowledged when something stupid happened. His response was to enlist in the Army and get screwed over by the system because Batiuk thinks of soldiers as people who a) go to university campuses and mow down protesters and b) go to the Third World and mow down brown people. Finally, there's the fellow who worshipped her from afar: John Howard. After graduation, he got into a spot of trouble because Becky's mother and other wanna-be world savers got together and tried to have his comic book store shut down on an obscenity rap; as I said earlier, Lisa handed them their asses on a tray.

Speaking of comic book fans, we must also consider Mopey Pete, the sole member of the latter class of Phase 2 to matter; he and his girlfriend Chien were more or less on the outside looking in socially because, well, of the over-emphasis the student body has on the athletic side of life. He currently hangs out at Montoni's where he writes for DC and waits for classmates Darrin and Mooch to show up. It should be noted that Mooch Myers has some sort of connection to Ed Crankshaft in that he broke up with Cranky's granddaughter Mindy after she tried to get him to settle down. Since he's a parasite and proud of it, he thinks that that's a good thing. Since Darrin is a bit thick, he doesn't hand the lazy shit his ass. What he can do is be grateful that Les managed to find out who killed his wife Jessica's dad, John "Ted Baxter Lite" Darling.
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