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Summer and her classmates: Winkerbean, the next generation.

Now that we're in Phase Three, it's time to take a look at Summer and the rest of her classmates. We, of course, start with her. You'd assume that the daughter of two of the most uncoordinated, nerdy, socially awkward people to ever walk the Earth would be as clumsy, stubborn, slow and otherworldly as her parents. Fortunately, you'd be wrong; one of the things that Les has a right to smirk about is that his daughter is the sort of cool kid he wished he was. Her being the co-captain of the Lady Scapegoats basketball team ensures that she's got the status he never had cowering behind his toy machine gun. Despite a rocky start, Summer has also bonded with Cayla's daughter Keisha; the two of them not only share captain's duties, they sort of share the ambition to get their parents together. They see this as a good thing because they've noticed that they're not the only non-traditional family out there. First off, they have to contend with Rana Howard, late of Kandahar and head cheerleader; she and Jinx Bushka are fairly good advertisements for adoption so the idea of having a sibling of a different ethnicity doesn't phase them. (This is one of the few things that Batiuk hasn't frakked up yet so we should at least spot him this.) About the only dark spot on the horizon they see is Cory Winkerbean; since his step-father neglected him to chase a ludicrous pipe-dream, he's something of a jerk. Not only is he a crappy student, the little fink that thought he'd "punish" his parents for making him attend a charity event instead of staring blindly into space feeling sorry for himself by stealing the proceeds. Most of us see him as following the same pattern that a lot of male characters have. Just as Wally witlessly torpedoed Becky's dreams of going to Julliard and how Mooch Myers smugly ruined Mindy Murdock's life, grinning all the while that she deserved it for trying to force him to be responsible, it seems to a lot of people that Cory will impregnate Summer, refuse to take responsibility and finally destroy Les's friendship with his greedy, amoral moron of a frienemy, Funky.
Tags: cancer cancerbean, cancerview high, helmet hair

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