dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Bull Bushka in Phase One.

As promised, I'm about to do a character study on Bull Bushka. First, however, a bit of background; he seems to come from a long line of asshole athletes. His grandfather, Beanball Bushka, was a teammate of Toledo Mudhen Ed Crankshaft in the fifties; given that his nickname was given because the filthy sadist loved throwing baseballs at his opponent's heads at skull-cracking velocities and he was an unapologetic racist, you'd assume he'd be filled with petty malevolence. You'd be right; that's because his crowning achievement was to exploit Crankshaft's illiteracy to deny him his one chance to make the Majors. You'd also assume that a man that malevolent would raise his son to a blazing ball of hate as well; you'd also be right. The drunken arsewipe took out his frustrations on his son in spasms of alcoholic rage while filling Bull's head with the notion that the only way to succeed was to smash aside the weak; this, of course, made him the bane of Les's existence in high school. Things would have persisted had not Bull not finally stood up for himself; he, unlike the rest of his mostly nasty family, sought out therapy and quelled the rage inside him. This, of course, is lost on Modern-day Les who, unknown to Bull, still dreads being pulverized.
Tags: batiuk's core four, bushka, cancer cancerbean, cranky

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