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Bushka, the middle years......

As we know, Batiuk made a bit of jump when he aged the characters the first time around; when he did so, we found our friend Bull working as a coach at Westview High. As I explained yesterday, he was a calmer version of the belligerent ignoramus who bullied Les into letting him cheat off him; not only was it due to his seeking therapy, Batiuk also needed to deliver an Aesop about how coaches tend to downplay their charges' need to study. The interesting thing about Bull was that he and Linda Lopez had fallen in love and gotten married; he had to work out how awkward it was to relate to her daughter Mickey and, well, deal with his low sperm count. I have to say that he handled both a lot better than Les or Funky would have; after debating the issue with himself, he shrugged off worrying about how things looked, talked it over with Linda and adopted Jinx. He was also there for Les during Lisa's cancercancercancer; I wonder if he realizes that Les took his joking comment about slugging him in the arm if he messed up seriously. I also wonder if he sometimes envies his predecessor his happiness as a salesman at Foot Locker.
Tags: batiuk's core four, bushka, cancer cancerbean

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