dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

One Busdriver's Family: the supporting cast of Crankshaft, Part One.

As I said yesterday, Crankshaft does not exist in a vacuum nor does he roam the Earth spouting malapropisms or being surly to random passers-by; he has a supporting cast that have the mission-critical job of standing around reacting in impotent rage to his hateful, selfish behavior. The first targets of opportunity, of course are his daughter Pam and her husband Jeff Murdoch; that's because when he lost his house, he was forced to move in with them. The problem he creates for them is not just that he's an antagonistic, opinionated old douche spouting his bile all over creation; he also has the insane impulse to help around the house. Since he'd be the ideal candidate if Discovery Channel took a page from its Canadian operation and gave the world "America's Worst Handyman", she and Jeff also sit back and watch their insurance premiums take a cab ride to Alpha Centauri. What's more, Cranky still thinks that Jeff was some sort of dangerous radical back in the day; this is despite overhearing a conversation that revealed that when the Kent State shootings were going down, Jeff wanted the two of them to amble casually away from where the soldiers were and not stop until they were in downtown Toronto. The alarming realization that she ran toward what Jeff ran from was almost as horrifying as his learning that his daughter Chris was on-scene on 9/11. You'd think that he'd be a bit more grateful, though; her adventurous spirit kept him from slipping through the cracks when it looked as if he'd be a victim of Hollywood amnesia and spend the rest of his life being pitied by Apple Annie.
Tags: cranky, the kiddos

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