dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Max and Mindy: the other slice of bread in the Murdoch sandwich....

I've noticed over the years that Jeff and Pam Murdoch are two of the most passive-aggressive people on the planet; they don't really stand up for themselves but they're fairly selfish and want their children to live how they want to instead of what's best for them. We start, of course, with oldest child, Max; it would seem to me that a regular person would be guardedly enthusiastic that he's started to find himself as a professional in the television industry. I would assume wrong because the kiddos can't wait to find fault with what he's doing. According to them, he isn't thinking things through. One would expect no better from a man who, when discovering that Max was experimenting with controlled substances, told him a long, boring story about some rocker he liked who overdosed and had to be institutionalized; if his response to that sort of thing is a scare-em-straight PSA, I'd hate to have seen how they handled the talk. When one realizes that Pam tells daughter Mindy that concealed weapons laws are a girl's best defense, one has an idea of what that might entail. What is most infuriating about Pam and Jeff is that they approach Pattersonian levels of denial in relation to how well they parent; what their kids see is two people who are too gutless to tell Cranky "You break one more gutter, you set one more barbecue on fire or you cause yet more damage to the appliances and you're going to the Home" presuming to boss them around like they were still the cute kids we started with. The end result is going to be a tragedy; since the Kiddos did the same whizbang job raising Max and Mindy that the Foobs did, their dithering and handwringing will be the direct cause of the ruin I see in Mindy's future.
Tags: maxanmindy, the kiddos

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