dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Evil Old Ukrainian Person.

As I mentioned, Batiuk loves to compare the Crankshaft-Murdoch family to a sandwich; Cranky is the crusty slide on top, the Kiddos are the filling and Max and Mindy are the fresh new slice on the bottom. That, of course, leaves us (as yaoihuntresse said) with the toothpick holding the olive: Jeff's mother, Rose. Since she's old and Ukrainian and nothing that Jeff ever does is good enough to please her, that his attempts to make her life better because she's his mother and he loves her are interpreted as the hateful interference of an ungrateful child who wants to rob her of the independence she's too old and feeble to enjoy, regnad_kcin gave her the nickname "Evil Ukrainian Old Person"; her role in the strip was to stand around getting all bitchy because, as I said, she was too damned proud to admit she needed help. Her current place in the family is to serve as another antagonist for Cranky himself. Either way, the result is the same; the most unpleasant character gets to be a total jerk to someone else and that someone else can do nothing but frown in impotent rage; trying to do something about Crankshaft always ends up boomeranging on the person trying to liberate the community from his scourge; this is because Batiuk loves the idea of crusty, mean-spirited old sons of bitches getting away with being full-on bastards.
Tags: evil ukrainian old person, the kiddos

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