dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Cranky at work.

Where Crankshaft really shines as an annoyance is when he's on the job as a bus-driver; as a hateful sourball, he takes pride in his ability to exact his vengeance on the world by inflicting random acts of witless malice on his community. We start, of course, with his refusal to allow mothers who find something at the last minute to catch up to him; this would make sense if he kept to some sort of schedule but since he always delivers his charges to their destination anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes after the bell rings, that's so much nonsense. He also treats the children on the bus like something he dug out of his ear; he confiscates things he doesn't like, enforces rules that make no sense and insults them to their faces. What's more, no matter what route he takes, he goes out of his way to destroy the private property of an inoffensive man named Keesterman and insult the cooking of his co-worker Lena. One would think that the community would rise up and send the old monster packing; one would, of course, be wrong. It did look at one point as if a new broom at the bus garage would sweep Cranky out the door but, since Batiuk likes the idea of a hateful old piece of excrement get away with being a total jerk, she soon found herself stymied and then fired. This, of course, is so that he can end the strip with a rocks-fall-everyone-dies ending in which he rips off The Sweet Hereafter. To have Cranky suddenly stroke out and be left unmanned while at the wheel with a load of kids to be either maimed or killed outright would be his idea of perfection.
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